Nutritional Advice in Glastonbury

Good nutrition is fundamental for optimum health. The types of food and drink we choose to consume can drastically affect our physical, mental and emotional health. You may think that you are making healthy choices, but are you really choosing the right foods for your own unique body? Do you experience tiredness, fatigue, sluggish or bloated digestion? Do you get migraines, headaches, or have dry, itchy or inflamed skin? Would you like to feel more energised and have improved concentration and memory? If the answer is 'yes' to any of these questions you may benefit from receiving personalised nutritional advice. 

What to expect in a Nutritional Advice session in Glastonbury

In the first session, I may ask you to explain your reasons for seeking nutritional advice and ask you to describe your diet by writing down a typical day's intake, including foods and drinks that you consume. I may ask to look at your tongue and take your pulse, and inquire about other aspects of your health and well being. When giving advice, I carefully consider your individual lifestyle factors, creating a realistic and sustainable nutrition plan which will help to optimise your health and well being. 

In follow-up sessions, I will ask you about your progress and decide on any changes that need to be made, depending on your feedback and responses, and any change in your presenting problem.

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Nutritional Advice Glastonbury, Somerset

Nutritional Advice

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