"I went to see Alice at almost 2 years ago now and I don't intend on stopping soon! Alice has helped me so so much when doctors could not offer me anything more. I have suffered from IBS for around 7 years, I've tried lots of medicines from my GP. My IBS is linked to anxiety and stress and I have tried many different anti-depressants and anti-anxiety tablets over the years too. I don't take any medicines from my GP any more for IBS or anxiety.

Alice has treated me with both acupuncture and reflexology and my favourite is having them together! Most of the time these days I am OK, but sometimes things get a bit much and I feel panicky and anxious and then I go see Alice, she looks after me, takes time to talk to me, asks me questions about how things are both in my mind, my life and physically, she takes my pulse and looks at my tongue, listens and gives me really good advice on how I can help myself. When I am feeling like this Alice's treatments, time and caring nature help me to relax and settle my mind so I feel strong again. When my IBS cramps are bad and I feel stuck in my tummy, Alice does acupuncture that clears all the stagnation and frees me from the pain.

Sometimes it feels like magic and I am grateful I stumbled across Alice and I feel that having reflexology and acupuncture will continue to be part of my life because they help me keep happy in my mind and body.''

- Erin

"I have been having acupuncture with Alice for a couple of years to help manage stress. She prompted me to seek medical advice for what turned out to be a large fibroid, which was treated with a sub-total hysterectomy. I am usually fit and well and found the idea of having major surgery very scary. I had regular acupuncture treatments in the lead up to my operation and was able to talk through various decisions, fears, and hopes during my sessions. Her guidance and advice during this time helped me to feel grounded and empowered. Alice is an exceptional listener and one of the most present people I've met. She is a really gifted practitioner and I would highly recommend her."

- Sasha

"Alice is a caring and consistent practitioner who never failed, in my experience, to promote swift and lasting healing."

- Jerome

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