"Recently I woke up, I realised that without knowing I have spent my entire life searching for something, the something I was searching for has been with me since before I was born, Alice helped me to look in the right places .... I found myself.

Having spent my life so far feeling like an abused person, I am now learning to experience myself as just a person, no different to anybody else,  I have learned to accept massage, only it was so much more than that to me, the gentleness & healing that Alice brought to my body taught me to not just accept massage but to really relax & enjoy the time spent nourishing my body & mind. In the early days it was reflexology that helped me to put my toe into the ocean of healing, I felt unable to expose any other part of my body, the power of reflexology in such skilled hands is remarkable, I noticed healing in areas I had previously been unaware were ailing me, I just started to feel so much better. Acupuncture, hypnosis, nutritional advice, all so carefully considered & given to me in a way that suited my needs so beautifully.

The natural, holistic way that Alice approaches everything has brought so much healing to my life, i have been able to open my heart to her and feel such deep trust in following her guidance, her ability to listen, her intuition to hear the unsaid painful words, I feel so very blessed to have met Alice & to be able to continue on my journey with her as my therapist of all things body, heart, soul & mind. I have been a regular client for 2.5 years so far, i am excited to see where the next years will lead me.

Everyone needs Alice, even if you don’t know it yet"

- Layla

"Alice is a great therapist, she made me feel totally at ease, heard me and is very knowledgeable in acupuncture as well as other health and healing sciences. Her manner is very gentle and relaxing and she created a really nourishing environment for me to receive her healing work. I have enjoyed going back for regular sessions and seeing the positive influence on me and my life"

- Emma

"Alice is a very gentle and kind woman, I always feel very secure and respected when doing acupuncture sessions with her. She's very professional and really cares about her patients. I would recommend her for everyone who's looking for a serious and talented professional. She made me feel comfortable at every session, even when I needed to tell her difficult emotions I was experiencing. Thank you, Alice!"

- Maria

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